Bighorn Basin Firesmart

Bighorn Sheep skullWildland Fire Public Outreach and Education

Smoke rising from Bighorn Mountains, 2007 Bone Creek Fire.

Smoke column from the 2007 Bone Creek Fire as seen from the Bighorn Basin, Big Horn County, Wyoming.

Bighorn Basin Firesmart is a program aimed at education and outreach for those living and working in wildfire prone areas of the Bighorn Mountains and Bighorn Basin of Central Wyoming. Although homes and cabins in the path of a wildfire are perhaps the most immediately recognized threat, wildfires also put numerous other human and ecological values at risk. Other values may include power grids drinking water supplies, firefighter safety, critical wildlife habitat, soil productivity, viewsheds, and air quality.


Funded by grants from the USDA Forest Service, Bighorn Basin Firesmart has been active throughout the Bighorn Basin and Bighorn Mountains since 2008 with public outreach and forest management projects. Activities include partnerships with state, county and private ownerships for planning and implementation of forest health and fuels reduction projects.  Projects come with goals and objectives aimed at reducing risks of unplanned wildfire damaging values such as homes, infrastructure and natural resources.

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Community Wildfire Protection Plans

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